How can a fake Seer lore better than the real one

2021.12.02 05:56 RaizTheOne How can a fake Seer lore better than the real one

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2021.12.02 05:56 vremschimbare Aer aproape decent in Bucuresti

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2021.12.02 05:56 blauermond19 Idea millonaria: una chocolatería.

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2021.12.02 05:56 DowntownAd1940 Can somebody explain what happened?

Just had a game on galleon with open crew, was pretty cool few hours, got some loot, had some good fights, lost ship once but its ok. Mates end up going for this fort with lanterns and stuff, I was super hyped for loot since it would be first timed getting loot with lvl 5 emissary.
Anyway we were on the way to reapers hideout when brigantine appeard, we were closing quicky, after first few shots I was on second deck preparing to repair when some random shot just killed me with full hp inside the ship... ok... then I see my 3 mates are dead with me from same shot... and we couldnt even respawn, ship was sunk already, lost everything in 30 seconds in one shot...
P.S. Im done with this game
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2021.12.02 05:56 Rameshbhai0 Yellow Blocks

Yellow Blocks Hello there. In case if you don’t know Crossing the Yellow Blocks is launching on December 1st! You are still able to be a part of the pool. Pool includes 85,000 CBK until December 1st
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2021.12.02 05:56 dougi3 Really bad chest pain tonight, figured I'd post my symptom notes from over the last two years for fun if anyone wants to compare

Hey all, been lurking this sub for about two years! I didn't want to make a post or comment much until I had a success story to tell, but here we are still. I guess my only success is that I'm still alive, I'm sure many of us have felt like we wouldn't make it much longer, for one reason or another.
I've have been having episodes of chest pain since September 2019, which became much worse on a regular basis after June 2020. Pain is usually stabbing and pinpoint, but sometimes sharp over a wide area, and occasionally like a dull pinch or ache. Almost always happens when I'm at rest, not active. However, I try to avoid being too active because it seems that sometimes it is triggered by activity. Was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes after one of my early ER visits, but have been told that can't be the cause of this. I am a 25y/o Male, and weighed 190lb when this all began.

12+ ER visits 12+ EKGs 6+ Chest X-rays 10+ Comprehensive blood work 3+ Troponin labs 1 Echocardiogram [7/20] 1 Stress Test [6/20] 1 Heart monitor 14-day [8/20] 2 Abdominal ultrasounds [7/20] 2+ Spine/neck x-rays 1 EGD [7/21] 1 PFT [10/21] 1 Chest CT [8/20] 2 Head CT [10/20, 2/21] 1 Head MRI [2/21] 1 Head MRA [2/26] (Costochondritis? Late-stage Lyme? Nerve disorder? Spine problem? Intercostal neuralgia? Gastro? Fibromyalgia? TMJ?)
Have tried OTC pain killers, Prednisone, prescription NSAIDs, Famotidine, CBD, Sucralfate, Omeprazole, Doxycycline, Florastor. One doctor was particularly adamant that I try anti-depressants but I have been strongly opposed to that
Took a food sensitivity test and tried an elimination diet, no impact (although I learned that peanuts sometimes give me headaches)
Been seeing a psychologist for almost a year, he does not think I could have anxiety that would be the cause of this kind of pain
--I make note of every episode, but I won't bother posting that huge list here--

Can't think of anything that's a clear indicator of what started this in the first place, I'm not even positive that it is Costo (but who is, right?). One possible catalyst was a car accident I was in, but that was in 2016, 3+ years prior to symptoms starting. Another option is that I remember pulling a tick out of the back of my neck about a year before this started, but I recently tested negative for Lyme for CDC standards (although positive for alternative standards, but the antibiotics should have helped with that). Apparently severe cases of TMJ can cause chest pain, but I was seen by an orthodontist who is very familiar with TMJ and did not see any evidence of it. The only other potential indicator is that this started happening after I had begun going to the gym frequently and started losing weight. However, once this started I stopped going to the gym and it has not made a difference. I also lost about 40lbs via diet change, had no impact to the pain, and then regained about 20lbs, which also had to impact.
I have tried the back pod for an extended period of time to no avail, same for heating pad, stretching, etc. I even tried sleeping exclusively on my back for a few months which didn't solve it either, nor did practicing religiously good posture for months.
The best thing I have done is start seeing a psychologist regularly over the last 10 months or so. I began going after a particularly bad period of time and developing depression & anxiety as a result, as I'm sure many people here have. Even though my pain is not cured by any means, I really do feel a ton better mentally at least. I rarely have urges to go to the ER anymore, and I don't have anxiety during 99% of flare ups that would normally snowball and make the physical pain way worse. Highly recommend.

Feel free to compare to your own notes, or if you have any success stories, those are always my favorite!
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2021.12.02 05:56 DanHolgersen Stop volden - eller vi smadrer dig

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2021.12.02 05:56 Comuna_Ex_Machina [DWM] A red and black rice with little frou-frou. I use #CD0000 to keep me awake. Suggestions on how to improve it?

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2021.12.02 05:56 Serenitasfein I thought it would never happen to me!

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2021.12.02 05:56 joshmaxd Press release: MHRA approves Xevudy (sotrovimab), a COVID-19 treatment found to cut hospitalisation and death by 79%

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2021.12.02 05:56 totezhi64 First time I even saw this, never even heard of it online. It's delicious, truly a cross between Ultra Fiesta and Mango loco

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2021.12.02 05:56 AlfalfaOk2285 Had a dream we adopted a 1 year old

So… there was a one year old baby girl just crawling the streets, so we took her in and waited for someone to “claim” her. But nobody did. So time went on without any sign of a family, we (my partner and I) went to the courts to officially adopt her. It was kind of like a wedding vowel, we both had to promise to look after her for ever. And I cried, I was so happy. We then suddenly had to run and flee the country. (I can’t remember why, but if I were to guess I’d say it was something todo with the birth parents showing up!) we then all came home. And life was all calm and “normal” again. Like hubby going back to ignoring me etc lol. Now when I think about the baby, she was neither sad or happy at any point. And I don’t remember her name. Although we did give her one! (I’m trying desperately to remember) And that was basically it. That’s how it went down, and all I can remember so far.. So any input on this? I’m really interested to see what This could all mean.
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2021.12.02 05:56 joshmaxd Decision: Regulatory approval of Xevudy (sotrovimab)

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2021.12.02 05:56 ChoozyGamerz 15 + 15 challenge on free fire

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2021.12.02 05:56 Mystic677 Komi san plays super smash bros lol: Ep 9

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2021.12.02 05:56 Difficult_Presence61 H:aae15c & b50c15rl fixer w: offers

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2021.12.02 05:56 ivo78912 Vegas dragging clips to the start when I cut it.

I use vegas 18 rn and I just got this problem. As soon as I cut a clip and delete the part that i want to, the other part is just being dragged to the start.
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2021.12.02 05:56 Raptors1888 If you haven't yet to mint on oni squad , You can still mint its still open and be eligible to their airdrop who will receive Free NFT . Don't miss it!! Lets go spooky!

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2021.12.02 05:56 FragOutMonkey_1137 Sorting by online SR

is there a way to sort beatmaps by star rating for online SR not local SR?
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2021.12.02 05:56 Crafty_Good_4455 Fr tho

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2021.12.02 05:56 Zergiusky Porro

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2021.12.02 05:56 EndertV Need help finding a game!

Recently I've been playing Assetto Corsa with a friend, but we've enjoyed traveling around the cities and the big maps that you can download to the game. Thing is, AC is such a nightmare to setup your servers so we both got tired of that. I was wondering if you guys know about any other game that will let you ride open world maps with friends without racing, only free roam. Of course, racing is ok, but we're more into roaming around big maps.
Thanks in advance!
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2021.12.02 05:56 Full_Direction_1535 Kav Kav instagram be like

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2021.12.02 05:56 johnzrxx Why does some newer monitor come with power adapter?

Purely out of curiosity,
I gotten myself a 165hz monitor over my old 60hz one, and notice this new monitor comes with a Power Adapter that is similar to those u find in laptop accessories. Meanwhile my old monitor only comes with a power cord
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2021.12.02 05:56 wetastelikejesus House cat suffering from Myostatin-related muscle hypertrophy - a rare condition that causes muscles to grow excessively large

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