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im doing the chain (if you think this is a repost please read my comment

2022.01.22 01:57 loottthatboy im doing the chain (if you think this is a repost please read my comment

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2022.01.22 01:57 Erbear1999 SPOILERS OMG I FINISHED THE SERIES 😭😭😭❤❤❤

MY BOYFRIEND AND I JUST FINISHED WATCHING THE SEASON 2 FINALE AND ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. HERE ARE MY FAVORITE PARTS AND HIGHLIGHTS AND QUESTIONS/COMMENTS ●I cannot, CANNOT get Rider's Lullaby and Hello Rainbow Road out of my head. I sing the lullaby to my 9 month old kitty and she loves it. I have been playing both on my ukulele ●Does Rider have an actual name? I've heard the name before but usually spelled as 'Ryder'. Also wondering if Horse has a name too besides Horse ●I love how most of the songs include to a previous song like the little bit of Rider's Lullaby put into Hello Rainbow Road. Musical genius ●Lmaooo Durpleton stole Rider's Lullaby and I've Been Searching For You when he sang it to and with Stabby ●I LOVE that Dee Bradley Baker voices Stabby! Its hilarious how Stabby eventually accepts that he's now Durpletons son, and has serious moments along with cute ones ●The No Where Kings backstory has me sHoOK! I never knew he was a part of the General after he transformed himself! Stupid General for locking the Elk part away for 10 years. So cruel and unjust IMO ●Why did the Princess/Mysterious Woman have to kill the Elktaur once he was whole again? She should've just imprisoned him and visit him until he learned and accepted what he had done. ●Ugh I was crying so badly when Rider was stabbed, I honestly thought she died. I was like, come on Horse! Be like Rapunzel in Tangled and heal her with magic rainbow tears! ●YES I WAS ELATED WHEN I SAW RIDER ALIVE! AND OOOO I LOVE HER NEW HAIR, SO CUTE, SO CENTAURWORLD! ●I adore Jebbrey and Comfortable Doug ●100% ship Zulius and Splendib as lovers ●Wammawink is so fluffy and adorable, I wanna plushie of her! ●Will the bad ass Rebecca Apples ever get to talk? I wanna hear what she has to say ●I NEED THERE TO BE ANOTHER SEASON PLEASE 😭😭❤❤❤
...AHEM....that is all ❤🥰
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2022.01.22 01:57 Major_Martian What’s the most you would pay for this k5?

Local dealer claims to have a January 2021 production K5 GT Line AWD with all the bells and whistles they are trying to move off the lot. (Sadly in white)
My concerns are why such an old car? It was built over a year ago? Is it even new technically anymore?
What’s the most you would pay? They claim to be willing to budge but they are known to have a 3500ish market adjustment.
For reference I have a 2019 bare bones sportage with a residual of $15,900. KBB has trade in at 22k so that would help with the purchase. I love the K5 so much but idk how much of a cost hike my budget can take when my current residual is so low.
Thanks in advance
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2022.01.22 01:57 goodnesswhy3 I've never gotten this far in Endless Mode. Having characters this powerful feels *amazing!*

I've never gotten this far in Endless Mode. Having characters this powerful feels *amazing!* submitted by goodnesswhy3 to deathroadtocanada [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 01:57 LiteralHatCS I don't think I'll ever need to buy new shoes again with the amount I find thrown out

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2022.01.22 01:57 TheGameGuyy Making use of an 8'x7' area within my wife and I's master bedroom!

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2022.01.22 01:57 NoDavidJustGoliath Interesting home game occurence

I was playing a home game recently and on 4 successive boards the runout was double paired, anyone know the odds of that?
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2022.01.22 01:57 T14G022 Stale patches (7.30 and 7.27) and promisses

7.30 (2021-2022) and 7.27 (2020) were one of the longests patches in dota. 7.27 being the sven superman patch.
But the thing is between the release of the 7.27 and 7.28 Valve stated they would at least be a bit more comunicative and release content more spread along the next year (2021), instead of a long period of silence; as the dota community was asking for news about a new patch. (Source: https://www.dota2.com/newsentry/3066366095799664170 on communication section of the article).
So comparing the content we had:
2020 - 1 TI BP (with 2 arcanas and 2 personas, 3 immortals treasures etc) - Diretide and aghanim labyrinth events
2021 - 2 BPs (1 arcana and 1 persona each BP)

So basically the same content comparing stuff non related to gameplay patches.
Now comparing 7.27 to 7.30 patches:
In the stale patch of 7.27 its duration was of 173 days ( june 28 to december 17).
And speculating based of the recent dpc Winter tour news, the 7.30 period may be of 187 days (august 18 to in february 20).
So content wise valve presented the same volume, but the stales patches continued, contradicting with promissed (COPIUM). But hey, at least at 2021 we had TI 😁.
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2022.01.22 01:57 StrategySuccessful44 Just kinda sad

I have absolutely no one to talk to. Got ‘let go’ last Friday from my job I’d 16 days 10 of which I worked with severe pain from broken rib. Did not impair my job. I’ve been doing this job for 25 years, I’m good know my shit never been fired. ANYWAY, busted my ass this week determined to get a job. 7 interviews. Well I got offer this am for a job a lil different than I’m used to and can’t pay what I want. But ya know bills… I accepted their offer contingent on background check. I’ve had 2 in my life one was fine the other showed my felony from 24 years ago. ANYWAY about an hour after accepting their offer the offer I really wanted offered me a position. How binding is formal acceptance of offer. Do I need to commit another felony???
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2022.01.22 01:57 afcraffa Y’all know where I can cop this hoodie? even my abuela know that

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2022.01.22 01:57 Jealous-Flower7818 Independent day special cardboard map

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2022.01.22 01:57 Esperaux “An Organisation of Militants” The Federación Anarquista Uruguaya - Tommy Lawson

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2022.01.22 01:57 Cyanidesuicideml lyft insurance issues

Has anyone ever had to deal with all State with lyft? I was car jacked early Thursday morning And be deductible for the car alone iss $2,500 even though there isn't a lot of damage.1 person at lyft mention that they could cover my phone and dash cam and amp Has anybody dealt with anything like this? What about medical bills? in a few other items that were stolen. Has anybody dult with anything like this? What about medical bills?
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2022.01.22 01:57 Reetobbo Terrified I'll keep going back to my narcissistic ex and can't stop doing it.

I've(F22) been in an on-and-off relationship with a guy(M22) who has emotionally destroyed me. We started talking a month after I broke up with my boyfriend of two years. He was very sweet and charming and would call me every day and made me think that he really liked me. He was ofc talking to other women the same way which I found out later. For the past month, he's changed and is better but I've caught him in such obvious lies. His best effort in the relationship isn't even good enough so I left him. I am so numb that I haven't been able to cry in a while (I used to be able to cry on demand and would cry often in order to let my emotions out). He has done horrible things to me such as cheating on me, lying all the time and about the smallest things, and mostly made me feel like I was crazy for bringing up issues(even more than I am embarrassed to bring up...). The way he would react when I would want to talk about something important would cause me to worry that he'd just cheat on me or something. Anyways, I am 100% ashamed to say this but I keep going back to him regardless of knowing he is someone I should stay away from. I can't end the cycle of ending things, healing, and then eventually he reaches out and I go back. I know it's literally the definition of insanity to keep doing things that you know you shouldn't. I just desperately want to stay away from him but at the same time, I convince myself to go back every time. Has anyone experienced a similar thing and gotten out of it successfully? Every time I break up with him, I feel so confident that this is the right decision but when I heal from the pain, I stupidly go back. I wish I could stop this desperately so please don't look down on me for this. Also, I am on meds (Zoloft) and starting therapy soon. Thanks
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2022.01.22 01:57 butteredbitch Felt cute, might delete later 😉

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2022.01.22 01:57 noamiko2004 PsBattle: Face of a horned beetle.

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2022.01.22 01:57 LoLRoyalty Windtrace 1v1

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2022.01.22 01:57 nacataman Is this burnout?

I (17M) have been getting this weird feeling of extreme tiredness and sadness whenever my friends (one dude and one girl) come over even if we didn't do anything demanding.
I hardly ever receive my friends in my house, however this week was special for I was helping one of my friends study for her university exam, by the end of every session we would talk for a while, buy some pizza and call our other friend. After about two hours of talking I started feeling really tired as if I had not slept anything last night and felt a lot of sadness for no apparent reason, it even showed in my face because one of my friends started asking what happened to me and why I looked so depressive out of nowhere, I thought I just didn't sleep well last night and tried to just act more up beat to compensate, also I didn't want to make them worry about me. However, once they were gone, I had a panic attack and could barely walk or eat, only wanted to either smash my head against the wall or lie in the floor and cry.
After said incident I decided to sleep more because I thought that would help me. The next day after the study session they also stayed to talk for a bit but they left early, I got the same feeling of extreme tiredness and sadness, my friend also pointed out my depressive look again however once they were gone the feeling slowly fade away. The following days they didn't come because my friend had already done her exam and no longer needed the classes, the days went by without any incidents.
I really enjoy spending time with my friends and don't want them to worry about me so I wrote this post hoping somebody else would know what is happening to me and how to deal with it.
I think its also important to say that I was on anti depressants about a year ago but never finished the treatment because my step mom thought I was fine and no longer needed them and that was true for a few months.
Disclaimer: if the post seems to have grammatical errors at some point it's because English is not my first language, I'm sorry in advance and feel free to point them out so I can improve.
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2022.01.22 01:57 agronsfilm streaks and spam only .

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2022.01.22 01:57 ScalyBananaBaby and they were R O O M M A T E S (๑・̑◡・̑๑)

and they were R O O M M A T E S (๑・̑◡・̑๑) submitted by ScalyBananaBaby to AnimalCrossing [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 01:57 Medz86 What is big red and eats rocks?

A big red rock eater.
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2022.01.22 01:57 Fried_Waffles1 Hitman VR be like

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2022.01.22 01:57 BlackShadow007 [HIRING] Multiple roles available at Project X

Apply here: https://crypto.jobs/jobs/multiple-roles-available-at-project-x-1
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2022.01.22 01:57 my2wins Just found this toy in a storage bin from 15 years ago that’s an identical replica of my 6 year old rescue pup.

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2022.01.22 01:57 Consistent-Sky1489 h: groll melee w: commando offers or rare apparel

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