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Grayson Allen sucks

2022.01.22 03:25 Level-Vermicelli-610 Grayson Allen sucks

My personal opinion is that the dude is a dirty player, and he could’ve seriously hurt Caruso tonight. No matter how good of a player he is I feel like everyone can agree that he sucks
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2022.01.22 03:25 jobsinanywhere Pakistan’s textile and apparel exports will increase by 26.05% from July to December 2009.

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2022.01.22 03:25 spooky-the-insomniac WFL | Me: FR frost dragon / Them: MFR dragon, MFR kitsune, NFR cow, FR king monkey, FR lion and bad adds

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2022.01.22 03:25 JacKfreakingSparroW Does Naruto really have more plot armour than luffy. Does all of the talk no Jutsu & kurama considered plot armour. And also spoilers for one piece upto episode 200.

I have only watched one piece upto the skypiea arc and as much as I remember luffy was extremely lucky in many situations. 1. He was saved randomly at the brink of death from executed by bungee the clown out of nowhere by dragon guy, again he was saved by him after smoker captured luffy. That was extremely lucky. 2. Against crocodile first time he got impaled and saved by Robin & eagle guy who just appeared in time ( although ,she was double-crossing crocodile and this may not be plot armour). T Then second fight even though crocodile knew luffy was extremely durable after surviving his first fight he left him dehydrated just below massive water hanging in air and not making sure he is dead. I am not remembering much but these are the extreme instances.
And for Naruto talk no Jutsu Only two instances he hasn't already won the fight. Vs pain and vs obito. In all other fight he was already winning . And kurama is a double edged sword for Naruto. Only in pain fight minato's chakra feel like plot armour. Other times when kurama was used it was perfectly planned with yamato chosen to subdue 4 tails , jiraya teaching Naruto to use kurama chakra in og helped him defeat neji and gaara.
But mostly in online people says luffy has practically close to zero plot armour and Naruto has the most.
What are your thoughts.
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2022.01.22 03:25 Soggy-Preparation-13 Where’s the respect for 7Sage?

Before I became active on this app, specifically, this community, I used to constantly Google which LSAT prep course is the best .. and never have I once seen 7Sage listed. I never even heard of 7Sage until I started using Reddit and seeing it on here. 7Sage is the only course I see people use on this app, so it brings me so much curiosity and confusion as to why articles don’t list it as one of the better prep courses.. Btw, is there anyone in this community who uses an online course other than 7Sage?
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2022.01.22 03:25 Much_Coyote_9594 I think I have feelings for my female friend, we have such unique connection

The thing is that she says she wants to keep single for now, however she asked me if she gets a partner will we be still friends.
We know that we have such a unique connection but this question got me curious, I'm assuming that this is already lost and I have no chance. Should I go now? So I can't get more hurt in future?
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2022.01.22 03:25 aaa27070 [Round 105977] [Around the World #204] Please give me the coordinates of the camera within 20m, thanks

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2022.01.22 03:25 Zabeavs Heading to my first commissioning on Sunday in sub zero temps - any tips?

Pretty much as the title says, heading out as the lead on my first commissioning this weekend so feeling a tad intimidated. Mostly stressed about the amount of people who will be waiting around on me to get things up and running and the potential hangups along the way. Any advice appreciated!
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2022.01.22 03:25 yanoiunno Any info on "Donato Fine Utensils"

Recently rediscovered a gold pen with this written on the inside of it's case that I inherited from my father years ago but can't seem to find any info about the brand online. Anyone here have any clues?
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2022.01.22 03:25 aaushma comp help

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2022.01.22 03:25 Striking_Driver9853 I would sell a lung in order to obtain snowman tick

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2022.01.22 03:25 gmurz Current state of the game? Good to go for co-op?

Hi guys! I'm looking to start The Ascent co-op with one of my friends for the first time. How is the game currently? Has there been any recent patches to fix the bugs or should I hold off on playing? I don't want to have to deal with saves deleting or broken achievements. I'd be playing through Xbox Game Pass as well if that makes a difference.
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2022.01.22 03:25 LEGENDARYCUBER2 DinoKel Films Live Subcount!

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2022.01.22 03:25 rocconox Main sub is back mferrrrrrrr

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2022.01.22 03:25 siriussparks Self-promotion Thread

Use this thread to promote yourself and/or your work!
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2022.01.22 03:25 AutoModerator January 22, 2022 - Daily Bumpdates!

How are you doing today? Feel free to chat about anything, bump related or otherwise!
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2022.01.22 03:25 PhasticRisenMoon I have a somewhat hypothetical question for parents, specifically those in North America.

So, you see your almost 18 year old daughter dressing up and getting ready to go out while you have are preparing for a dinner party with your friends. She wasn’t gonna be at the dinner party anyways if that mattered. She said she’s gonna go with some friends and doesn’t know who’ll be there as well.
Cut to the chase, you find a new packs of condoms in her purse, and the dad tells his wife that the daughter confided in him that she planned to sleep with this guy and stay the night because his parents are out of town. The mother doesn’t like this and the father believes his daughter is old enough to make her own decision.
To parents of reddit, if this happened with your child, would you allow them to do so, spend a night with a guy you’ve never met, and she‘s not even 18 yet?
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2022.01.22 03:25 NicolaLodolo Swola71 ScreamTellyScream

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2022.01.22 03:25 Corgi-Forsaken Got this gem today on WhatsApp. KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati) is an Indian adaptation of Who wants to be a millionaire.

Got this gem today on WhatsApp. KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati) is an Indian adaptation of Who wants to be a millionaire. submitted by Corgi-Forsaken to Scams [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 03:25 DoctorBublu54 Best Drake OUTRO?!

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2022.01.22 03:25 gaseousballs Vaccine bonus for the already vaccinated

Hey guys. So I recently started working here and I came across the $150 vaccine incentive that's being given out to associates. Thing is I got fully vaccinated back in May and from the wording of the statement it seems to only be available to associates that were unvaccinated before being employed. Is that right? I'll ask my TL the next chance I get, but I'm also hoping someone here would know.
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2022.01.22 03:25 TassieTeararse M4 on wedding train duties this afternoon, at the Don River Railway, Tasmania, Australia.

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2022.01.22 03:25 AEW_Xbox_Writer_1990 Question about Lord of the Rings: Journey to Middle Earth

Ok, so I got this game today and I am very overwhelmed even with a built-in app and I am not sure this is the right place to post this question, so I am sorry if it is not...

With that said I am not too far into the game at all and maybe the question I have is in the rulebook but I can not find it for the life of me... What happens if you run out of skill cards?
If I understand correctly whenever I test something I draw the number of cards that match with the symbol. So if I am testing Might than I draw 4 skill cards because Gimli has 4 might. Correct? However, with the small card pool I have I feel like I am going to run out way before the end of the first mission or quest.
Thanks for the help.
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2022.01.22 03:25 Norvin_real [Japanese > English] Need a short summary of this 1 chapter from the webnovel , wanted to know whether it has NTR or not :\

heya wanted a short summary of this web novel chapter because i want to know whether there is ntr or not
https://ncode.syosetu.com/n4442da/8/ this is webnovel linl
i wanted to know whether "kiyomasa" guy had sex with "shirayuki" or not because if they did its NTR
fyi: i did google translate and machine translation but it is not clear whether it happend
while providing info please give a short summary
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2022.01.22 03:25 GoalooES Preview: Lazio VS Atalanta - Serie A

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